Seven Watch Concepts that they’re nowhere.

Seven Watch Concepts that they’re nowhere.

Some smartwatches are worthy of your hard earned cash and this one has all the best options for individuals right here if it wasn’t just a concept. This watch concepts are all over internet, especially on Pinterest.  As you can see it on internet every where, no one has mentioned the one who made it, even that is shared thousand times.

In terms of looks, they look futuristic/smart and classic at the same time, actually you cannot define the type of them, but they look pretty good.  It looks metal and plastic, so it is not as classy-looking. It is somewhat thick, and for some reason, the bottom one third of the watch body is a different color (a light grey) than the rest of the body (black). It is as if somebody decided that they had to make the watch as juvenile-looking as possible, and decided on the simplest way to accomplish that.


There are different ones.


But for someone who is used to regular digital watches, and wear them twenty three and a half hours a day, so is not keen on switching to a smartwatch, most of which have very poor battery life and need to be charged overnight every night. It is laughable that most manufacturers tout their watch’s sleep tracking when the product is so poorly designed that most people can’t sleep with them on!



They don’t look like what we’ve used to see this times on smart watches, with a sim card, camera or bluetooth. But as i said it looks like they’re just a watch concepts or just designed from someone with a good taste. The closest one you can find online is this one Amazfit Verge Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in which it looks like i have the same operations, but not the looks. Or this one Ceramic Bezel Smart Watch which it is the opposite of the first one.


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