ASICS NEW Metaride Came Out This February.

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The Average price of new asics is 250$, See other models Here


Asics just launched the new model  Metaride. They comes with a completely new technology concept on the running shoe market.
This shoe was developed over two years by a team of scientists and designers. It is one of the most significant ASICS innovations of recent years.  While there is still ASICS’ patented GEL (ex. Gel Lyte III) in the mix but now in a new thin asymmetrical heel insert, the MetaRide is unlike any previous ASICS trainer or for that manner any heavy duty trainer I have tested.

The goal was to make running over longer distances more effective, tireless and easier.  The revolutionary guidesole technology, with its precision pre-shaped sole platform, helps to shift body weight forward, giving you the feeling of effortless “rolling” motion. Several patented technologies are part of the ASICS Metaride combined with a truly innovative design.  As a result, the result is a radically new running shoe concept. This shoe is available in a strictly limited edition. Experience has shown that it will be sold out very quickly and the owners of this particular shoe will be completely delighted with the bottom line.

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1 review for ASICS NEW Metaride Came Out This February.

  1. sam

    How do you think this compares to the Kayano? Been using them for years and might want to give this new shoe a try.

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